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Post  jayden on Sat Apr 26, 2008 10:19 am

I took off work early so the punch list folks can come into my condo. I was quite excited to get things fixed up so I can move in. I really love the location of this building, but the need to get things finished before moving in is really testing my patience.

Anyways, I showed the unfinished linen closet to this punch list dude.
Me: "the linen closet needs to be fixed, there's sticks coming out of it"
Him: "the linen closet is finished"
Me: "what do you mean? like that?
Him: "according to A & B specs, that's how they wanted the linen closet built"
Me: "A & B actually approved this?"
Him: "i'll take a saw and saw off the sticks protruding, but that's finished".

And it went on like this. I showed him the missing tiles under the oven and the dishwasher. "Sorry, that's an A & B issue". How about tiling in the laundry room? That huge gap between the door and the floors?

'A & B issue' is all I heard.

It just went on & on..I don't know why he bothered to come at all.

I don't understand. Why would A & B request things be left incomplete? Do they not have any of their company members living here?

It really frustrates me, and what's worse is that I know I can't yell at the punch list dude. He's only doing his job. But boy, did I want to yell at somebody.


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