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Post  yslow on Tue Mar 31, 2009 3:36 am

It's been a year of living at Keola Lai and the lack of quality shown throughout the A & B building has been continuous.

Here's a list for starters:
1. Cracks throughout the concrete in the parking structure
2. Elevators sometimes do not want to work.
3. Termites present in kitchen cabinets.
4. Door hinges rusting but not covered by warranty.
5. Window hinges rusting but not covered by warranty.
6. Trash found under original carpet when replaced.
7. Advertised dog park nowhere to be seen.
8. Storage facility not present.
9. Cracks in the ceramic grout used in showers.
10. Window beams have been known to fall off.
11. Garage gates are normally malfunctioned.

What upsets me the most, the construction was hurried & the residents were forced to close their escrow early to make A & B's quarterly earnings before April 2008. If they had just finished the building as they should have, without the residents living in dust & chaos, we would all be able to take advantage of the home-buyer's tax incentive given out to anyone who bought after April 2008.


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